There’s something fascinating about the way the fog lingers on an early fall morning. The sun forces its way through the dense clouds making silhouettes out of buildings and people far in the distance. Then slowly as the day starts to get warmer the fog dissipates making everything clear again in the world and in my mind. I feel at peace with my choices. Fog

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Fresh air 

For once in my life I got a breath of fresh air, I can breathe knowing I have come to a conclusion of why I am the way I am. The next step is diving into the crystal clear ice water and making a change. Here. I. Go.

Have you ever been to a set of rapids and wondered how the water keeps flowing. The thing about water is that it creates its own path of where it chooses to go. If there are any obstacles in its path that it can’t go over, it will find a way around. If the human brain carried the same mentality as water, we would all be able to overcome anything .
Whiteshell Provincial Park 

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